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‘Equal Opportunities for Inclusive Life’

The first national conference supporting inclusive education in Georgia was carried out at TSU on 29-30 June

The CISI project Georgian partners arranged the national annual conference “Inclusive education in Georgia – Achievements, Challenges, and Perspectives”. The conference will annually highlight the achievements and challenges of inclusive education in Georgia from the perspective of different educational levels. The annual conference will give a possibility to all stakeholders - administrative and academic staff of schools, colleges, universities, civil society, international organizations, and state agencies to share information and experience; and discuss the ways of improving the quality of inclusive education and development of inclusive society in general. The first national conference “Inclusive education in Georgia – Achievements, Challenges and Perspectives - 2023” was carried out at TSU on 29-30 June. The representatives of the state agencies, international organizations, NGOs, and Georgian universities have participated in the conference The presentations are available here , 29 june , 30 june